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Private Aviation Insurance from GMG Insurance Laguna

A high-value home insurance covers many personal possessions and offers considerable enhancements to a standard policy. But it does not cover aircraft. GMG Insurance Laguna offers private aircraft insurance for all kinds of aviation needs to our Orange County residents. We cover single engine airplanes, light twin engines, turbine airplanes, cabin class craft, jets, helicopters, and kit/experimental aircraft, among others. And, whether you own your aircraft for pleasure flying, showing or competition, we can get you the proper insurance coverage.

Coverage on the Ground, In the Air

Our private aviation policy can cover the aircraft for many types of hazards, including collision and non-collision damage. Hull insurance can protect you from losses on the ground and in the air and is designed and priced based on your use, storage, experience, and aircraft. It can also cover equipment on board or installed into the aircraft—things like engines, communications devices and wings.

If you are concerned about damage from terrorism, hijackings, sabotage or actions of war, we can add a war risk endorsement. If you allow others to fly your plane or helicopter, discuss with us how that affects your coverage. Some aircraft owners also want to insure their airstrips or pads. At GMG Insurance Laguna, we can help with that, as well as insuring flight memorabilia, fuel storage, spare parts and tools, hangars and other associated property.

We offer policies with high limits of liability insurance since injuries to others and damage to their property from an airplane accident can be extremely expensive. If you are a fractional owner or fly aircraft that you don’t own, we have liability insurance to cover your responsibilities.

Other Considerations

We are careful not to overvalue your aircraft, since deductibles and premiums are based on that valuation. Additionally, we will discuss with you multiple options that allow us to tailor your coverage to best suit your needs. Those options may include coverage for international travel, injuries to passengers, special life insurance for pilots, breach of warranty coverage (which may be required by your lender), and loss of use coverage, among others. If you use a crew, you will also want to talk to us about workers compensation and employment practices liability insurance coverage for such staff.

You’re covered with GMG Insurance Laguna.

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