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Personal Directors & Officers Insurance from GMG Insurance Laguna

Many successful businesspeople serve on the boards of public and private companies. You may be donating your time and serving as director of a community charity or sitting on a board as paid director. If so, you’re putting yourself at personal risk and need individual directors and officers liability insurance.

Directors and officers of companies, associations and nonprofits will often receive D&O liability insurance coverage from the organization, but individual directors and officers insurance is also necessary to protect your personal assets. GMG Insurance Laguna works with businesses providing them with company D&O policies and individual coverage, so we can advise you on how to dovetail your individual policy with the protection your organization provides.

Coverage Details

Individual directors and officers liability insurance can be offered as a supplemental policy through a company, or it can be purchased on the private market. It works alongside of, or beyond, the organization’s Side A insurance for executives and can protect individuals when the company’s coverage fails or is inadequate.

These supplemental D&O policies can be structured in several ways, based on risks and available corporate coverage. The main function is to protect the individual’s personal assets from claims arising out of their executive duties.

Additional Benefits

An individual D&O insurance policy often contains fewer exclusions than its corporate counterpart; plus, it can be written to provide legal defense payments from the first dollar forward. The limits of coverage also won’t be exhausted by other directors and officers, the way limits in a company D&O policy can be.

The coverage benefits you choose will have a lot to do with the type of organization you serve, the D&O liability coverage it provides, its financial health and your assets at risk. We will conduct an in-depth review of all of these details and provide you with the best insurance solutions for your individual protection in your role as a director or officer.

Protect your assets with individual D&O liability insurance.

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