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Insure Your Valuable Jewelry through GMG Insurance Laguna

You have many valuable possessions – expensive jewelry, including heirlooms, elite-brand watches, one-of-a-kind pieces and exotic gems. A high-value homeowners insurance policy will provide some coverage for jewelry, but a separate jewelry policy will give you the protection you need.

GMG Insurance Laguna offers a jewelry insurance policy designed to cover more than theft and loss of pieces in a catastrophe. Depending on which policy you choose, you can get coverage for losses that occur on international travel, unexplained disappearances of items, and lost stones. Additionally, our insurer partners specialize in jewelry, so you will always deal with experts for restoration and replacement of your pieces.

Sets and Stones

If you have a diamond necklace and one of its stones falls out undiscovered until later, you can’t simply go to the local jeweler and have another diamond inserted. To retain the value of the piece, the proper cut and color have to be found. It’s possible a replacement would have to be crafted for the necklace to be put back to its original value. A jewelry insurance policy can handle this kind of specialty need, along with other salvage and restoration costs.

If part of a set is lost, stolen or destroyed, the value of the other part(s) of the set is also diminished. A jewelry policy can provide coverage for that loss in value or for the fashioning of a replacement to restore the value of the entire set. It may, alternatively, allow you to get a replacement of the full set if needed.

Expert Jewelry Advise

GMG Insurance jewelry policies are served by experts in gemstones, precious metals and design. Our insurance partners provide expertise in accurate appraisals and loss-prevention services – both key in getting proper jewelry coverage.

Get the best in coverage for your jewelry protection.

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