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Individual Excess Flood Insurance from GMG Insurance Laguna

In sunny Southern California, flooding may not be a top-of-mind issue. But we are certainly not immune. We have seen flooding along low-lying areas along the coast as a result of high tides. We’ve seen homes damaged from heavy storms that caused flood and mudslides. A few years ago, in fact, right before Christmas, we all remember the five days of heavy rain and resulting mudslides that prompted evacuations in Silverado, Modjeska, Dove and Williams Canyons and parts of San Juan Capistrano. About 400 homes and 75 businesses were evacuated in San Juan Capistrano. And 40 homes were voluntarily evacuated along Laguna Canyon Road. In Newport Beach, apartment complexes were flooded, and much of downtown Laguna Beach was under water.

The Need for Flood Insurance

A basic flood policy from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) will pay up to $250,000 for direct physical damage done to the insured property by floodwater. The policy can be enhanced to insure a home’s contents for up to $100,000. But for many of GMG Insurance Laguna’s high-net-worth clients, this simply isn’t enough coverage. The value of your homes and the costs to replace destroyed contents require higher limits of insurance.

When More Coverage Is Required

The first step in determining your coverage needs is to ascertain your flood risk. While floods can occur just about anywhere, some zones are at higher risk than others. We will assess your vulnerability and talk with you about what qualifies as a “flood.” That encompasses things like sewer and drain backups due to flooding and torrential rains that overwhelm drainage systems.

We’ll also take an inventory of your at-risk personal articles and your home’s value. If these exceed the limits of coverage available through the government’s NFIP policies, we will help you find adequate insurance on the private excess flood insurance market. Under an excess flood insurance policy, you can also find coverage for the costs of temporary living arrangements should a flood make your residence uninhabitable.

These policies are especially important for those with high-value homes, expensive vacation homes, and extraordinary contents, such as high-cost art. It can be secured by renters and property owned by trusts, if needed.

Floods can sweep away property or coat it in mud and other contaminants.

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