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Insure Your Domestic Staff with Workers Compensation from GMG Insurance Laguna

Your household includes several domestic employees who assist in the care of your home, the grounds and even your children. With this domestic staff comes the need for workers compensation, which covers nannies or au pairs, caregivers, cooks, live-in housekeepers and more in the event an individual is injured on the job. The policy will help with their medical bills, lost income and getting back to work.

In fact, in California the law requires that any “domestic worker – including one who cares for and supervises children – is employed 52 or more hours, or who earns $100 or more, during 90 calendar days immediately preceding date of injury or last employment exposing such worker to the hazards of an occupational disease”, are covered by the state workers compensation act.

Claims of Injury

If one of your domestic employees is injured on the job or falls ill due to work-related conditions, you may be required to pay for their lost income and medical care. If they are disabled, temporarily or permanently, you could face exorbitant costs. A workers comp policy for domestic employees can protect you from that financial loss while providing the employee with needed funds for care and income. Many insurers also provide return-to-work programs that help employees get back on their feet sooner.

Not all those who are in your employ fall under the category of “domestic staff.” At GMG Insurance Laguna, we will help you determine which workers qualify as employees for the purposes of insurance. We will also be able to provide you with risk management advice on preventing injuries and illnesses.

Protect yourself against domestic staffing exposures.

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