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Commercial Umbrella Insurance from GMG Insurance

A critical component in having a comprehensive business insurance program is including umbrella/excess liability insurance. This coverage is designed to provide an extra layer of protection over and above standard Liability policies, which may not offer a sufficient amount of coverage in the event of a catastrophic loss – especially in today’s litigious environment where $1 million lawsuits are commonplace. In fact, one statistic shows that 63% of product liability claims reach $1 million or more.

To extend coverage on your underlying policies, such as business auto liability, commercial general liability, directors and officers liability, employment practices liability, and others, GMG Insurance Laguna can provide high limits of insurance with a commercial umbrella policy.

Sound Advice that Comes with Experience

Our specialists know more than products. We specialize in managing and protecting business assets. We’ll spend the time and devote the attention to understanding your full financial portfolio and your complete set of exposures to liability claims. That means getting to know your operations and personnel as well as your strategies and plans for the future.

We’ll run an analysis of claims you’ve made or problems you’ve had alongside a risk evaluation to determine if you have any coverage gaps. Your bylaws, management structure, operations and current insurance portfolio all figure strongly in our analysis.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

A commercial umbrella insurance policy can be written in a number of ways, but the goal is always to extend coverage, creating higher limits or broader coverage than you have with your primary policies. Policies can offer millions of dollars in extra insurance coverage and can be written to insure things that are excluded from an underlying liability policy or, in some cases, a business owners policy or commercial package policy.

Commercial umbrella insurance can be used to cover uninsured legal expenses, damage settlements and awards for injury to others or damage to their property that arises out of a covered cause of loss. You need only think of the expenses associated with a business auto accident that leaves a high-paid executive on life support for months before he dies. The costs could bankrupt an unprotected organization. Your GMG agent will work with you to discover your areas of greatest vulnerability and counsel you on appropriate protection for your business assets.

Don’t leave your company vulnerable to liability exposures.

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