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A Customized Business Owners Policy from GMG Insurance Laguna

GMG Insurance Laguna provides small businesses throughout Orange County with competitively priced Business Owners Policies (BOP) that are tailored to their individual industries and specific operations.

A business owners policy combines essential coverages together, offering you convenient and customizable coverage options for your small business at a premium significantly lower than the cost of purchasing each type of insurance separately. With our BOP, we offer you in one package: coverage on your building, coverage for the contents of the building, and general liability protection. What’s more, a business owners policy is written based on your sector, so law firms, veterinarians, life sciences companies, and medical providers don’t get the exact same policy. Each BOP is tailored to the typical needs of the industry.

A BOP usually covers buildings, contents, and personal property of others while on your insured property. It also normally provides some business income or business interruption coverage. Hazards you’re protected against include storms, theft, vandalism, and fire, but you might be able to add other perils as well.

Tweaking and Tailoring Policies

The beauty of a business owners policy is its basic, solid coverage. But that doesn’t mean the policy is static. A BOP can be enhanced depending on the insurance company’s options, which may include coverage for glass breakage, outdoor signage, valuable papers, money and securities, employee crime, business auto, equipment breakdown, and others.

For liability protection that goes beyond your general liability coverage, you can add professional liability, employment practices liability, non-owned auto insurance, and directors and officers liability insurance separately from your business owners policy if needed.

You may also want to consider workers compensation, flood, earthquake and commercial umbrella insurance.

One convenient policy can save money and simplify managing your insurance.

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