Type of Coverage:

Business Interruption from GMG Insurance Laguna

About 25% of businesses are forced to shut down after a disaster for more than 30 days. What’s even more alarming is that those who can afford the expenses to get back up and running often can’t regain customers quickly enough to sustain their operation. Business interruption insurance from GMG Insurance Laguna is designed to protect your business from income losses caused by disasters—both to your property and to key contributors to your business.

A business interruption insurance policy will help you keep cash flowing during the time it takes to get your business back up and operating after a shutdown caused by a covered cause. That could be a fire, a storm, or some other catastrophic event. If you opt for a policy that covers utility failure, supply chain interruption, or other contingencies (such as the closure of a transportation route or some other governmental action), you will have even broader protection.

Coverage for Extra Costs

In addition, business interruption that comes with extra expense coverage will give added help with costs that don’t directly aid repair of your property. These can include renting temporary office space or equipment, extending income flow after you reopen but before business gets back to normal, and moving. Some insurers will cover some payroll and advertising your temporary location.

Obtaining Proper Coverage

At GMG Insurance Laguna, we specialize in managing assets, so we take the time and make the effort to get your coverage limits and options right. We’ll do a full review of your worksite(s), revenue, payroll, and the property you would need to rent to get operations underway after a shutdown. If your company depends on a lot of foot traffic drawn by an anchor store or some other attraction, we will also talk to you about protecting your income against a shutdown of their business.

We provide risk management services in addition to our insurance review. These services will help you prevent a shutdown in the first place and respond to one most efficiently should a disaster occur.

Business income protection insurance allows you to keep your doors open.

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