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Business Auto Insurance from GMG Insurance Laguna

Your business may not own any vehicles, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a close look at whether you need business auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance covers more than just company cars and trucks. It protects your business from claims that it or your employees are liable for damage or injury caused in the course of operating a vehicle for work.

Potential Exposures

While there are certain companies that have no business auto liability or property concerns, they are rare. Many organizations have employees run errands, go to required offsite conferences or other events, or travel on business. Even using a rental car while on a business trip can expose the company to expensive losses if there’s an accident. GMG Insurance Laguna offers non-owned auto insurance for commercial vehicles that can cover multiple liability concerns. We also can provide medical payments coverage, personal injury protection and excess liability insurance to extend your protection.

If you offer a company car or allow work trucks to be taken home, you’ll have to decide how to insure against the possibility that an employee’s family member might use the vehicle. If you are counting on the personal auto insurance of your employees, we’d better talk about that. While it’s true that a personal auto policy could cover drivers who work for you, there may be other claims involved that draw the company into a lawsuit.

For business vehicles that your company owns, you need to consider several different types of property coverage. Collision insurance will help if your business auto is damaged in a collision you cause, but what if a tree limb falls on your vehicle or vandals damage it. For non-collision insurance, you need comprehensive coverage. It can cover windshield damage as well.

Our policies also protect against theft and flood, and they can be written with uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, to insure against losses caused by other drivers who have too little or no insurance. If you have customizations to your business vehicles, we’ll talk to you about enhancing your policy so you won’t get caught short on coverage at claim time.

We can provide auto insurance to fit your business needs – from non-owned autos to entire vehicle fleets.

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