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Increase Your Prospecting Success with the Right List

By nms |

The success of your marketing campaign will be determined by how good your list is. Without current, information-relevant data, you’ll end up wasting time and money.

Our BusinessDirectory includes up-to-date, affordable data on 24 million business locations, of which 17 million are business headquarters with decision makers so that you’re communicating with the right people about the right products.

With BusinessDirectory, you’ll be able to zero in on businesses based on the markets and programs you want to offer. You can select a list based on SIC code, geography, company size, number of employees, and annual revenue. If, for example, you only want businesses that generate $1,500 or more in commission income for your agency, we can link that amount to the number of employees or revenue size of a business so that your premium target is reached. Additionally, for certain states, BusinessDirectory includes the Workers Comp X-dates for businesses.

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